The Students Rising Above community is dedicated to impacting the future through the cultivation of extraordinary youth. SRA invests in low-income, first generation college students who have demonstrated a deep commitment to education and strength of character in overcoming tremendous odds of poverty, homelessness and neglect. We help each student to realize his or her potential by guiding and supporting the student through college graduation, and into the workforce. Our graduates are breaking the cycle of poverty within their own families, serving their communities, providing a new generation of employees and leaders from diverse backgrounds, and accelerating positive change.

Company Overview

Students Rising Above (SRA) helps extraordinary, low-income Bay Area high school students who are overcoming tremendous odds of poverty, homelessness, and neglect, to fulfill their dream of a college education. Nearly 100% are the first in their families to attend college; 75% live below the poverty line; 67% are either in the foster care system or are not living at home; 50% have no functioning parent; 40% are currently, or have been homeless; 35% were abandoned; 25% are raising siblings.

SRA provides one-on-one mentoring and advising, financial support, access to health insurance and medical and dental care, academic guidance, and a comprehensive college prep curriculum that helps students determine which schools to apply to, how to file for financial aid and scholarships, and how to transition to the social and academic rigors of college life. 90% of our students graduate from college which is nearly 3 times the national average for low-income, first gen students.SRA also provides students with summer internships so that they can gain hands-on professional work experience in their field of interest. Students are connected to the SRA community network of individuals and employers who are able to help our students advance their professional goals.Our students represent the rich cultural diversity of the Bay Area and they are breaking the cycle of poverty as the next generation of employees and leaders who are accelerating positive change in our communities.

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  1. darlene gayler says:

    Can you donate online?

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