Take What You Need

As we start to enter June (how fast is the year going by?!) and summer sneaks around the corner, we have to continue to remember to take a moment to re-energize and reflect on our individual situations. We attended a conference these last two days in Santa Monica (#junipernewdirections) and had a panel discussions with quite a few successful professionals. I noticed they all had something in common: they all took time out of their VERY busy schedules to think, no matter how stressful their days were. One of them even mentioned blocking out an hour every Monday to have a meeting with himself. Phone turned off, computer off – just a man with his thoughts. Make it a goal to set aside even 20 minutes to have some time with yourself. Take this moment right now to stop and think – what do I need today? Hope these pictures can help you a bit – take whatever you need!

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3 Responses to Take What You Need

  1. Dulce says:

    Life is amazing!!!!!!

  2. Cindy Dam says:

    DeeDee and I talked about this the other day, and now I’m running four-miles everyday. I use that time to meditate and really focus on myself. 🙂

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