Summer Reading!

What a gorgeous week it has been! The sun is out shining, the birds are singing, and the breeze is just right! That must mean summer is here! Today we bring to you a few recommended summer reads, and want to hear what you’re picking up to exercise your brain this summer as well!

1/ The Hunger Games #’s 1-3, by Suzanne Collins: The movie was a huge hit, and there’s an even bigger story behind the movie. The 3 book series has captured readers everywhere. Capturing the story of the nation of Panem and it’s rule over its outer lying 12 districts, this intense book series is sure to keep you well entertained this summer.

2/ The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd: This is an oldie, but a goodie. Although the story is a based on the racial tensions of the American South during the civil rights movement, it does a wonderful job of capturing the love and power of joining together to heal. I’ll be re-reading this one this summer!

3/ Defending Jacob, by William Landay: If you like murder mysteries, make sure to check this one out. It was recommended to me by a professor, and after reading reviews, it’s clear that this book is a winner. One of this years best sellers, Defending Jacob will give you the opportunity to see the thrilling struggles behind a murder that challenges the legal system’s ability to bring clear-cut closure.

4/ As recommended by Alvin Somwaru- Glass Castle, by Jeanette Walls: Alvin states that “This book mostly tells the story of the author’s childhood. She was born into poverty and raised by deeply dysfunctional parents. These days she is a successful writer and journalist.” Sounds like an SRA story!

We want to know what you’re reading! Leave a comment with other book suggestions. Students, let us know of any interesting reads you had this past school year!

“Reading is dreaming with open eyes.”


Wishing you a wonderful week!


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3 Responses to Summer Reading!

  1. Yaqiao says:

    This is awesome! I didn’t know you guys are doing these blogs for us! You never mentioned. Thank you. I will for sure read some of these when I get a chance!

  2. Jolee says:

    Anyone into historical fiction? Some of my favorites are:
    Leon Uris [Trinity – about Ireland; Exodus – about Isreal]
    Margaret George [Memoirs of Cleopatra, The Autobiography of Henry VIII]
    Philippa Gregory [The Other Boleyn Girl]

  3. Polly Murphy says:

    I loved The Secret Life of Bees! One of my absolute favorites is A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron; the sequel has just been released!! A Dog’s Journey… loving it so far!

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