Give Back

We are so proud of our students – 85% give back through community service! That is something to brag about!

As summer approaches, we hope to get more students out in the community giving back and becoming active volunteers in organizations that are dear to their hearts. SRA has also started integrating community service projects throughout the year as a way of saying thank you for all the community support we receive. Our community service project at the Alameda Food Bank was a huge success, with 20+ current SRA students and alums showing up to package thousands of pounds of food for the families in need in Alameda county. Not to mention, it was a lot of fun for everyone that attended!

Dr. Martin Luther King once said “Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.” Giving back is empowering. It opens your eyes to a world of difference, and gives you an opportunity to serve others in need. It is our opportunity to create change that goes beyond conversation.

If you’re looking to stay active in your community this summer (which we highly encourage!), here are some ideas of volunteer opportunities that you can locate in your area:

Food Banks – package food, help with deliveries and distribution, stock and inventory, collect canned goods, collaborate with local stores to establish donations of the food banks on an ongoing basis.

Animal Shelters – help socialize and walk dogs, assist with kennel cleanings, give animals baths, collect bedding from the community for kennels, help with feeding schedules, help transport animals to veterinary clinics.

Habitat for Humanity– Help build homes for families in need.Travel to different parts of the country, or find a local Habitat organization in your area.

Youth Groups– Girls Inc, Boys and Girls Club, Big Brother Big Sister – Be a role model for local youth who have gone underserved. Motivate them to do well in school, help with tutoring, or simply be a shoulder to lean on when they’re feeling challenged.

Environmental Work – Link up with your state parks and recreation departments to see how you can help out in the outdoors. Assist with park clean ups, shoreline renovations, planting new trees, and much more.

These are just a few ideas. If you are in the bay area, check out this website to learn more about volunteer opportunities in your counties:

Share where you have volunteered, and why it has been rewarding to you! We want to hear!


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