Summer Food Fun!

We all know students love to eat! Today’s blog features fun summer food festivals around the bay that students can attend for some fun in the sun with their mentors, friends, and family! Get ready to get your grub on!

The Brentwood Cornfest

July 8th through July 11th: Enjoy corn at it’s finest with locally grown giant cobs! There is also a fireworks show on the night of the 8th.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival

July 29th-31st: Spice up your summer with garlic fries, hot dogs, bread, and even garlic ice cream! This popular south bay festival has found some interesting ways to use garlic, and it’s always a blast tasting all the goodies!

Hayward’s Zucchini Festival

August 20th-21st: This famous little squash also has a famous festival in Hayward with squash dishes in abundance!

Eat Real Festival

September 23rd-25th: Head over to Oakland to explore fresh, delicious street food. This food festival features a diverse selection of food from all different cultural backgrounds!

Any others you know of?? Share some ideas here!

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One Response to Summer Food Fun!

  1. Kirsten says:

    This is a great idea!! Sampling delicious food, taking a stroll and chatting–sounds like a perfect outing. Check out your local area for Farmer’s Markets too–some towns have them every week.

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